Hello, I'm Giudy Bocca, Italian Shemale Escort. 
The pleasure and the desire to get close to sex start when I was very young.
I loved spying my brother through the keyhole while wank himself in the bathroom... At that moment arose my curiosity to venture into a world hitherto unknown to me.
My little friends began maliciously to look for me (thanks to my femininity) and with them, greedily, I realized what I saw on some porn magazines found by chance on the street, where world-famous stars were left banging from huge cocks.
I always felt a strong attraction towards the sperm, which is absolutely the most precious and irreplaceable exsisting fluid. Thus begins my official blow-jobs-bitch’s curriculum all over my neighborhood.
A whirling buzz, when I was on the lips of all my peers that I tried every time I felt the need to deeply cum. I swallowed that and I used to consider the sperm as a love juice spurting right from the heaven!!
At the time I was completely passive and secretly began to dress as a woman to be even more attractive to the male universe.



I understood that I am also a lesbian, and I love the taste of hot pussy as much as that of the strong cock and sometimes also happened I had sex with my colleagues shemale escort, which I do not dislike at all!!!!!
Prior to graduate in languages , I went to England, where I lived for several years and where I trained as an expert in games "details" such as physical and psychological submission, role play and all the things you can find in the "services" page of this site.
I make these games with pleasure and confidence, as I had an absolutely perverse nature. Today I consider myself a whore made , I made the sexual experience more intense and incredible that I could ever imagine, I speak five languages and have travelled far and wide across the world tasting cocks of all types and all sizes.
These words might seem to have been written by chance, but it is not. They represent my deeply sincere and public confession!!!
Now I know and do not hide more, to be a real filthy nymphomaniac. And I still feel that instinctive need, pressing and captivating to enjoy and squirt several times a day, with everyone, like a damn bitch......


At eighteen, I graduated, I decided to go off to college.
I began immediately to put ads on the Internet and receive horny men ever seen, and all that still satisfy my uncontrollable nymphomania that starts from the deepest part of my soul. Of course, the different situations experienced at work allowed me to "get rid" of the lasts taboos that I still had, and so I began to fuck my clients, splashing sperm in their mouths, and sometimes even in her wives’s mouth when possibile. Borrowed from my sister's pantyhose, shoes and makeup.. to turn me into a small and nasty slut.
The adults looked at me more and more and one evening I decided it was time to discover something new and go beyond the first limits. Beautiful and very young, I went to a porn cinema in my town. Once I entered down the hall, in the shadows, groups of horny guys started to touch me to test that unknown but cock hungry slag shemale-baby.
Dozens of boys abused me in the dingy dimly-lit bathrooms, one after another, and of course that was the place that became my favorite, afterwards also the entrance barracks, at the off-duty time! That was the moment when I realized that become shemale escort and Fucking-cow whore would be the profession of my life. By the way, Combine work and pleasure is not what everyone wants?!!


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